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Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, in order for us to re-open safely we have carried out a thorough risk assessment.

As we already have high hygiene standards we are already in line with most of the new government guidelines.

Here is a list of the things we either already do and the new changes we have made. Some of these changes will be phased out as the pandemic eases or is over (these are marked with*).

  • Salon exclusive times for the vulnerable or over 70’s. *
  • Personal nail files and foot buffers for each client.
  • 30 minute gap in between clients for sterilising and cleaning rooms, equipment, products and reception area. *
  • Therapist individual cleaning & reception products. *
  • Screens for all nails desks and reception desk.
  • Full PPE for all therapists inc. face shields, masks, nitrile gloves & aprons. *
  • Appointments staggered between therapists so that no client or therapist will pass on corridors or reception area. *
  • Dedicated rooms & nails desk for each therapist. *
  • Anti-bacterial hand sanitizers throughout the salon.
  • Clients will have to wear a face covering whilst in the salon. This can be removed when having a facial treatment (facial waxing, facials & electrolysis). * FACE COVERINGS IS STILL MANDATORY AT THE MOMENT IN SALON
  • On entry all clients will be asked to wash their hands.
  • The use of mobile phones whilst in the salon will be prohibited. *
  • Personal belongings baskets for each client.
  • Reduced towel usage and any towels used will be washed in anti-bacterial agents and at 60 degrees after each client.

We are hoping all these provisions we have made make all clients feel safe and happy to come to have their treatments. We are making sure you still have the relaxing, warm welcoming environment you are used to.