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aromessence_circilarome_110100AROMESSENCE™ CIRCULAROME

A 100% pure and natural concentrate of essential oils that helps stimulate the whole body and relieve the sensation of heavy legs. This precious oil: • helps stimulate the micro-circulation, • favorises the energy exchanges of the skin, • complements the CIRCULAGEL plant-based treatment. This stimulating oil offers maximum and immediate comfort and well-being. Day after day, your body will discover the soothing sensation of weightlessness.


refreshing_leg_gel_148000REFRESHING LEG GEL

CIRCULAGEL is a natural, highly effective treatment for leg relief. Its refreshing gel texture: • energizes and revives tired legs,

• helps reduce the unpleasant effect of “heavy legs”,• refreshes and instantly relieves. CIRCULAGEL absorbs easily into the skin, making its daily use effortless.