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AROMA EPIL - post-wax

AROMA EPIL – post-wax

creme_post-epilation_anti-repousse__apaisante_50ml NEW POST-WAX DOUBLE ACTION GEL – SENSITIVE AREAS

This post-wax cream is specifically designed to soothe sensitive areas (Eyebrows, Lips, Bikini Line and Underarms) after hair removal to ensure the skin stays smooth and soft, without irritation. Applied daily the nourishing cream works to slow down hair re-growth, with a 92% reduction in hair re-growth after 6 days, optimising your removal sessions whilst maintaining silky and soothed skin for longer. •Soothes and reduces redness and brings immediate comfort to irritations caused by hair removals •Helps slow down hair re-growth •Reduces the occurrence of ingrown hair. Suitable for all skin types.


creme_post-epilation_anti-repousse__apaisante_50mlPOST-WAX DOUBLE ACTION GEL

POST-WAX GEL At the heart of this unprecedented formula, Clove Essential Oil, with purifying and deep-cleansing properties, is able to significantly slow down hair re-growth: 92% AFTER 6 DAYS*. This gel with a refreshing effect has been specially formulated to naturally slow down hair re-growth and ensure clear, blemish-free skin for longer. Inspired by DECLÉOR’s professional beauty salon expertise, this treatment acts on the skin to help: •soothe, soften and moisturise the skin just after hair removal (Magnolia Essential Oil, Aloe Vera, Meadowfoam Oil)•slow down hair re-growth and weaken it (Clove Essential Oil and Fibraurea Recisa Extract)•reduce the appearance of skin imperfections: ingrown hair and redness.