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Body Ultimate Non-Surgical Treatments

Body Ultimate Non-Surgical Face Lift Treatments


The treatment uses relaxing micro current pulses to lift and tone facial muscles so improving the contours of the face, refining skin texture whilst reducing fine lines, wrinkles and leaving the skin feeling rejuvenated.


Rejuvenate                                                                        1hr 15mins                          £36.50

Enhanced facial using Body Ultimate skin care, containing glycolic acid, combines with the micro current therapy to ensure ultimate results.


Classic Plus                                                                         1hr                                     £31.50

The improved facial routine with additional movements to enhance your overall toning.


Classic                                                                                  1hr                                    £29.50

For people who are concerned with premature ageing and fine lines.


Intensive Eye                                                                    30mins                                 £21.50

Concentrating on the eye area to reduce fine lines, dark circles and puffiness, lifting brows to effectively open and awaken tired looking eyes.


Neck & Décolleté                                                              30mins                                   £21.50

Concentrating on the neck & chest to soften fine lines and improve skin appearance. Excellent for sun damaged skin.


Lunch Time Lift                                                                 30mins                                   £26.50

Intensive facial designed for maximum results in minimal time, incorporating all areas of the face & neck.