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HARMONIE CALM - Sensitive skin

HARMONIE CALM – Sensitive skin

harmonie_calm_comforting_mask_350000HARMONIE CALM – COMFORTING MILKY GEL CREAM MASK

An intense treatment with a fresh, soft texture deliciously soaked with moisture inspired by DECLÉOR’s professional expertise is applied with a gentle brush applicator. The mask acts on the skin to help:•soothe and calm feelings of discomfort and redness (Native Cotton Cells, Essential Milk of Rose, Extracts of White Birch Bark) •intensely nourish and protect the skin from irritants by strengthening its protective barrier (Extract of Glasswort, Lacto Calm Complex:  Essential Milks of Cotton and Lily, Concentrated Rose Water, Cotton Lipids)•reduce the signs of reactivity by helping to reinforce skin’s tolerance levels (Extract of Green Macatia)The skin feels comfortable, soft and divinely velvety.

harmonie_gel-cream_for_eyes_347000HARMONIE CALM – MILKY GEL CREAM FOR EYES

GEL CREAM- This gel cream has a refined and light texture specially formulated for the sensitive eye area. It instantly calms and soothes the eye contour area and reduces dark circles. It moisturises and protects the skin from irritants and reduce the signs of reactivity.



harmonie_delicate_milky_cream_fluid_346000HARMONIE CALM – DELICATE MILKY CREAM FLUID

MILKY CREAM FLUID- A light and velvety high-tolerance day emulsion to comfort sensitive skin, for normal to combination complexions. A revelation of gentle harmony for sensitive skins that simply can’t take any more! The skin feels perfectly moisturised and protected from external irritants.



harmonie_soothing_milky_cream_345000HARMONIE CALM – SOOTHING MILKY CREAM

MILKY CREAM- This high-tolerance day cream is specially formulated for normal to dry sensitive skin. Its silky and melting texture soothes and calms feelings of discomfort and redness by addressing the source of skin’s fragility.