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Botanicals Organic Introduction

Introduction to Botanicals Organic Facial & Body Treatments

Botanicals Organic Facial and Body Treatments

Go beyond skin deep…

Botanicals award-winning skincare products are blended by hand in the heart of England, using carefully selected natural and organic ingredients. Botanicals is still one of the only few brands to be 100% certified by the Soil Association. This means every product has passed strict organic and sustainability reviews, thus ensuring their quality, integrity and transparency.
Our Facial and Body rituals work not only on the surface of the skin, but also respond to your individual needs at a deeper “energetic” level. Our special procedures follow holistic principles such as Acupressure and Ayurveda along with massage techniques that work on both physical and emotional levels.
All formulations are a combination of active botanicals such as natural oils and butters and natural minerals such as selected salts and clays, which are of the highest purity and come from sustainable sources.
So it’s time to step into the natural realm of Botanicals, to restore and balance your skin, whilst soothing your mind and body. After all, nature knows best.