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LIFE RADIANCE & SOURCE D’ECLAT - All skin types – Radiance

LIFE RADIANCE & SOURCE D’ECLAT – All skin types – Radiance

double_radiance_cream_-_360000LIFE RADIANCE- DOUBLE RADIANCE CREAM

LIFE RADIANCE- Double Radiance Cream An instant radiance cream composed of 2 formulations presented in a double packaging to treat the brightness of the skin from the outside and inside. A rich cream and a fresh gel to be mixed in the palm of the hand just before application. Cream formula : An immediate radiance cream which stimulate microcirculation and reflects the light thanks to mother of pearl and Elemi essential oil. Gel formula: A long lasting radiance gel which protects the skin and leaves it with a healthy glow. Suitable for all skin types. Apply in the morning on a perfectly cleansed face and neck after the after AROMESSENCE™ adapted to your skin type.


double_radiance_scrub_-_361000LIFE RADIANCE- DOUBLE RADIANCE SCRUB

This sublime scrub containing three types of natural scrubbing particles it is more than an exfoliator; it is a true radiance revealing treatment. The essential oil of Saro and Elemi boost the skin’s natural defences and activate the microcirculation so that the complexion is left re-energised, detoxified and radiant. It is suitable for all skin types. Apply in circular movements once or twice a week to a wet face & neck. Rinse after.


decleor_10_day_vitamin_cureLIFE RADIANCE – ENERGISING VITAMIN CURE

This intensive treatment is ideal for an express beauty and radiance boost. With pure Vitamin C – a true “skin stimulator”, it boosts the radiance-enhancing effect and combats free radicals for a revitalised and translucent complexion in just 10 days. The light and fluid texture immediately sinks into the skin to moisturise, purify and promote microcirculation. The skin is smoother, its texture is refined and glowing.


masque_flash_eclat50ml_rvb_hdLIFE RADIANCE – FLASH RADIANCE MASK

A complementary skincare product that is ideal for an express beauty and radiance boost. With a cocktail of Essential Oils and Fruit Extracts bursting with vitality and sunshine, it acts on the main sources of the complexion’s radiance. This mask, with its peel-off texture that dries rapidly and is rapidly removed, purifies dull skin tone and acts on its vitality. Visibly smoother and clearer, your skin reflects the light to perfection. Rich in vitamins, this refreshing mask gives a true mood-lifting boost to your complexion!