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Oressence Energy

Oressence Energy³

*NEW* ORESSENCE ENERGY³                                                                    1hr 30mins          £55.00

Celebrating 40 years of expertise and working on the body’s 3 vital energy flows (cell, muscle and peace of mind), DECLÉOR

offers the ultimate in a Face & Body Treatment. Featuring a unique combination of Essentials Oils and plant oils blended to

meet the client’s needs, ORESSENCE ENERGY³ includes the award winning salon mask power-packed with vitamins and

anti-oxidants, and the heavenly Aromatherapy full body massage using an incredibly effective elixir of plant oils rich in

Omega 6 & 9 and Vitamin E, expertly mixed with three 100% pure & active precious blends of Essential Oils. The most

blissful way to soothe the body and mind, you will feel revitalised and the energy levels rebalanced. Skin is left deeply

cleansed, perfectly replenished and glowing with youthfulness and vitality.