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Self Tanning

Self Tanning


The Decleor professional self-tanning treatment is the safest way of getting a tan. Not only will it make you look tanned but will also prepare the skin for further exposure to the sun if you are planning a holiday. A lovely golden glow on even the palest of skins, or it will enhance an existing tan.

Express Exc.  Exfoliation
Full Body: 25.00
Half Body: 20.00
Legs: 15.00

Full Tan Inc. Exfoliation
Full Body: 35.00
Half Body: 25.00
Legs: 20.00

SUN-KISSED GLOW TREATMENT                                                1hr 30mins                         £48.00

The perfect pre-sun preparation… with a sun-kissed finish.

This exquisite face and body treatment begins with Fruit Seeds with Essential Oils to gently polish the skin’s surface, sloughing away dry skin providing the ideal self-tan base. A tension-bursting massage follows, with 100% pure Aromatherapy Balms to boost the skin’s natural sun defence system by stimulating melanin production. The perfect finishing touch? Application of our top selling self-tanner for a gorgeously even Mediterranean glow.