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Hand & Foot Care Treatments

Strengthen or Extension Nails

Sculptured Acrylic Nail Extensions                                                                                        

Nailchemy Acrylic Products used to sculpture natural looking nails either for extra length or to cover natural nails for strength.

Acrylic Overlay

Full Set Pink & White Nails



Full Set Clear Nails £30.00 In-Fills £21.50
Per Nail £3.50 Soak Off £17.00
Soak Off Inc. Manicure £26.50    


Builder Gel / Fibre Gel Overlay Nails                            30mins                     £27.50

Using Orly Builder Gel or Nailchemy Fibre Gel gives weak nails that bit extra strength.

Builder Gel or Fibre Gel Extensions                                1hr 30mins              £31.50

Using Orly Build a Gel to sculpt a small extension gives weaker nails that bit extra strength and length.

Builder Gel or Fibre Gel Infill                                           1hr                           £20.50

Builder or Fibre gel 1 nail                 £3.00

Nail Polish                                      15mins                       £2.00

Gel Polish                                       15mins                       £5.00

Nail Art                                             From                           £1.00


Control Gel

Using IBD control gel is an in-between strength of builder and acrylic.

Overlay                          £28.50

Full Set Extensions       £32.50

Infills                              £21.50

Per Nail                         £3.50