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What is PMU?



What is Permanent Make-Up?

Not everyone has beautiful, full, flawless shaped eyebrows; but you can achieve it! Both procedures are cosmetic tattooing so therefore designed to fade over time.

What is the Difference?

Powder Brows:

This also can be known as ombre brows or micro-shading. The powder brow technique creates the illusion of fullness, while still giving your brows definition.

The result of powder brows is soft and natural in appearance. Using a machine your technician creates dashes and dots where the pigment is deposited into the skin.

Perfect for any skin type and best suited to mature skin, thin skins and oily skin types.


This procedure uses a handheld manual tool to mimic natural hair strokes into the upper layers of the skin. This is ideal to lightly fill sparse areas of the natural eyebrow.

Best suited to those with good, normal to dry skins or slightly oily skin with minimal visible pores.

Combo Brows:

This is a mixture of Microblading & power Brows. This creates a fuller but natural look. Starting with the microblading to create some hair strokes then shaded in with the machine to make them look fuller.


Both procedures start with mapping out your desired brow shape and size then matching up the pigment that best suits your skin tone and brow hair. Each will look quite dark at first but will fade to the correct shade once fully healed.

Your finished desired look will only be complete after your second treatment has healed; this is done 6 weeks after your initial treatment. This second treatment (top up) is required as pigment can quickly fade as you go through the healing process.

Each procedure can last about 2-3 years depending on skin type, lifestyle, products used etc..