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Foot Treatments


Forte Foot Balm – Prevents Hard Skin build up

Protects against foot sweating and odour development. Keeps the skin supple. Best used daily after showering. Contains a combination of alpine herbs…


Chlorophyll Balm (For Blisters & Burning Feet)

The balsam against foot smell. It refreshes and protects reliably against soreness, blisters and foot burning.


Schrunden Foot Balm (Extra Strong for hard skin and Calluses)

Made with selected pure, natural essential oils of mountain pine, mountain spruce, rosemary, thyme, lavender, spikenard and alpine hay extract. Extra Strong, specially developed for rough, dry, cracked and callused skin. The foot balm is quickly absorbed, softens the skin and improves cracked and callused areas.


Sixta Leg Balm

A herbal emulsion for the daily leg care. Energizes the circulation, smoothes and tightens the skin and protects it against discolouration’s. Balsam for the cosmetic leg care. The emulsion is derived from vegetable oils and fats, unadulterated ethereal oils from mountain pine, mountain spruce, Rosemary, juniper, sage, lavender.Rub the leg balsam into the legs daily with circling movements working upwards.

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