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Natural Nails 

I use a variety of products inc. Orly, Nailchemy, Halo, IBD. Gel polish can last upto 2 weeks.

File & Polish Hands                       £10.00                                           Basic Manicure            £18.00 

Luxury Manicure inc. Hot Mitts      £22.50                                           Gel Polish                     £22.50

Gel Top Up                                    £12.50                                            Gel Polish Removal      £ 9.00

Nail Polish                                     £ 2.00                                             Nail Art             From        10p


foot care

Using O'Sea products which help to preserve the skin's moisture balance, prevents callus skin, protects against fungal attacks and offers long-lasting protection

Cut, File & Polish                          £13.50                                            Pedicure                       £28.00

Gel Toes                                       £22.50                                            Gel Pedicure                 £35.00

Gel Removal                                 £ 5.50                                             Hard Skin Blade            £ 2.00


strengthen or extend nails

Orly Builder (BIAB) / Nailchemy Fibre Gel - gives weak nails that bit of extra strength.

Overlay                            £27.50                            Full Set Short                                             £31.50

Infill                                  £21.50                            Per Nail                                                       £ 3.00

Acrylic - Using Nailchemy Genesis to sculpture natural looking nails either for extra length or to cover narural nails for strength.

Overlay                            £29.50                            Full Set Pink & White Extensions              £33.50

Infill                                  £23.50                            Full Set Clear Extensions                          £31.50

Per Nail            From        £ 3.50                            Gel Polish Over False Nails                        £ 6.00

False nail Gel Removal    £ 5.00                            False Nail Removal inc. Manicure            £32.50

False Nail Removal         £18.00



Enhance and open your eyes with any of the brow treatments. Make the illusion of fuller brows with a Lamination. You can have the combed up look or smoothed for a more uniformed look.

Eye Brow Tidy                  £ 6.50                            Eye Brow Re-Shape                                   £ 7.50 Eye Brow wax                  £ 8.50                            Eye Brow Tint                                              £ 9.00 Brow & Lash Tint             £18.50                            Brow lamination inc. Tint & Wax                £45.00 Brow Lamination              £35.00





Lash Lifting can create a jaw dropping look on even the shortest of lashes with GDL - Gravity Defying Lashes. This signature 4 step treatmennt lifts and gives you the illusion of longer lashes, straightening them at the root for an instantly fuller effect, (skin test required 48 hour before).

Eye Lash Tint                   £11.50                           Lash & Brow Tint                                        £18.50 GDL Lash Lift                   £46.00                           GDL Lash Lift & Brow Lamination              £66.00


Express Lash Extensions -

Quicker and cheaper way to getting great looking lashes. Ideal for holiday or event. Removal after 2 weeks is a nessessary as these are not placed on your individual lashes, this is included in the price.

Mascara Look                  £26.50                           False Lash Look                                         £36.50


Semi-Permanent Individual Classic Lash Extensions -

Various lengths and weights are available to create the look that you want. These are 1 lash to 1 of your lashes. Infills required every 2-3 weeks.

Full Set                             £60.00                          Infill 30mins                                                 £17.50 Infill 45mins                      £20.50                          Infill 60mins                                                 £24.50


Semi-Permanent Russian Volume Lash Extensions-

These lashes are extremely light therefore various amounts of lashes can be applied onto each one of your lashes. This will create more volume. The amount that can be applied all depends on the health of your own lashes. Infills required every 3-4 weeks.

Full Set                             £70.00                          Infills 60mins                                               £25.50 Infills 90mins                    £35.50


Semi-Permanent SVS Volume Lashes- 

These lashes are the same as russian volume but using multi-length lashes to immitate the natural lash growth, therefore giving more of a natural fuller look.

Full Set                             £75.00                          Infills 30mins                                               £20.50 Infills 45mins                    £25.50                          Infills 60mins                                               £33.50

Lash Removal                  £ 8.00


Instant removal of unwanted hairs using quality organic warm wax. Results lasting 4-6 weeks depending on hair growth. For Brazillian (everything removed from underneath leaving a strip at the front) and Hollywood (removing everything in the bikini and bum area) I use Hot wax as it is formulated specifically for this area and best used on thicker hair.

Lower Leg                        £16.50                           Upper Leg                                                 £17.50 3/4 Leg                             £18.50                           Full Leg                                                     £22.50 Forearm                           £11.50                            Full Arm                                                     £15.50 Bikini                    £11.50 - 13.50                            Hard Wax Bikini                                        £17.00 Brazillian                          £21.00                            Hollywood                                                 £27.00  Underarm                          £ 9.50                           Eyebrows                                                   £ 8.50 Lip                                      £ 7.50                          Chin                                                            £ 8.00  Lip & Chin                         £13.50                          Sides of Face                                             £ 9.00  Half Face                          £19.00                           Full Face                                                   £25.00  Chin & Neck                     £11.00



Microdermabrasion - 

Using Diamond Tip Abrasion, this is a non-invasive method of rejuvenation by means of mechanical exfoliation without the use of crystals, chemicals or laser.  The Cryoderm System ensures the safe & controlled removal of the surface skin as it is much less aggressive than crysal based treatments. Gently works away tired aged surface skin layers, improving the texture, leaving the skin looking rejuvenated & radiant, reducing fine lines & wrinkles. Suit able for all skin types.                                                                                                                                     

                                                                                                                               30mins      £30.00

Aesthetic Mesotherapy - 

Non-invasive, 'no needle' treatments using Ultrasound to push the clinical grade product through the dermal layers of the skin. Each 'meso' chosen by your therapist is tailored to suit your individual skins needs.

                                                                                                                              30mins      £20.00                         

Cryoderm -

Cryoderm is a treatment that combines Microdermabrasion and one of the Aesthetic Mesotherapy's.

                                                                                                            60mins     £50.00             


Mini Facial (inc. cleanse, tone, exfoliation, massage & mask)                             45mins     £30.00


Hopi Ear Candling

These are candles made from cotton flax and beeswax. The candle is placed gently onto the ear canal and burned down. This lets the vapours enter the canal to do their magic! Following the treatment, a pressure point facial massage is performed to eliminate toxins. This treatment has many benefits including the relief of congested earwax, balancing of pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses. This treatment does not remove ear wax, it helps to soften it so your body can naturally dispose of it.

                                                                                                           1hour Treatment        £35.00

Ear Piercing

Age 6 and above only.

Plain or coloured studs. Includes aftercare lotion. Aftercare with this treatment is extremely important. Once you are able to take your ear rings out you need to be capable to look after them and be able to take them in and out yourself. 

Clients for ear piercing have to be 16 years old or accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Plain Studs                      £22.00                             Diamante Studs                                       £26.00